You can use PayPal for transactions in the catalogue.

Because this information is about an external program, it could be that this information is not totally up-to-date anymore. If you have an update, please contact us. If you have the proper translations for the PayPal-buttons in English, please contact us as well!


To set up PayPal, you have to have a business account at PayPal. Log into your account.


First click Profiel followed by Profiel en instellingen.

On the left click Mijn verkoopmiddelen. Now click Bijwerken after 'Directe betaalberichten'.

The next screen will look like this, click Instellingen bewerken.

In the field 'Berichtgevings-URL' place the link to your learning environment. For example

Next, contact aNewSpring to report that you want to start using PayPal. Give us the e-mail address that you use with PayPal