In aNewSpring you can add your privacy statement for the environment and per language. When a user logs in or creates an account, a default message is shown containing your company name and a link to the privacy statement.


  • You want to add a privacy statement to the environment, per language. This is required to comply to the GDPR legislation.

1) Where can I add the privacy statement?

Click on the tab Settings. Then go to Environment settings and click on the button Edit privacy statement.

2) How can I add the privacy statement?

  1. Next, choose the Language. Depending on the language settings of the environment and/or user, the privacy statement will be shown to the user in that specific language. Therefore it is important that the privacy statement is written in a language that the user understands (see step 6 on how to apply a single privacy statement for multiple languages).
  2. Fill in the Name of the company, which will be shown in the default text. This text is shown to the user when logging in and/or creating an account. The company name is automatically filled in, in this text.
  3. Choose a Browser page title. This title will be shown in the browser tab.
  4. Fill in the actual Privacy header, which is shown above the privacy statement.
  5. At Privacy text, add your privacy statement.
  6. Below the privacy text, you'll find the option 'Show this privacy message for languages that do not have a privacy statement.'. By checking this box, the privacy statement is shown to users with languages that you haven't yet got a privacy statement for.