You can partially change the environment settings yourself. Anything missing in the list below that you would like to see different? Please ask our support teamfor help

Logo back-end environment

A 'Learner' will be shown a different design of the learning environment than you see. At Logo back-end environment you can add a logo which is not visible to the learner, but is visible in the backend. 


Make the catalogue available by checking the options Available when logged in and/or Available when logged out. If you also want to show demos in the catalogue, then check the option Show available demos in catalogue.


Check the box to make your environment use HTTPS. Enable HSTS if you always want to enforce a secure connection. You can find more information about it at


When you enable this option, other websites cannot embed your aNewSpring environment.

Help button

The help button as a standard for learners refers to the learner support site  ( If you do not want this, you can also choose Form with custom e-mail. If learners click the help button a form will appear in which they can ask their question. Under 'E-mail address' enter the e-mail address where the learners question should be sent. You can also enter a Custom URL or hide the Help button. 

Editing email notifications

By clicking the button Edit e-mail contents you can edit the text of the notifications that are being send to the learners from the platform. Read more about it in 'Editing notifications'.

Edit Player settings

You can alter a few Course Part Player settings. Read more about this in Setup creative navigating effects in activities.

Privacy statement

You can add your privacy statement (per language). When a learner logs in or creates an account, a standard message is displayed, with your company name and a link to the privacy statement.