If an assessment needs to follow a test matrix or standard, it would be useful to link the questions for the assessment to exam terms. The questions will then randomly be selected following the set exam terms so each assessment is different. After completing the assessment, learners will see their results and a score per exam term.

Example: There are 50 questions, divided over 5 exam terms. You can use the exam terms to make an assessment available to learners which will contain 20 questions with a selection of 4 random questions per exam term. This way you can offer your learners an exam that is similar to the real exam.

You can add exam terms to aNewSpring when you create or edit a question.

Go to the Templates tab and click Edit at the template. Next click the Content Management tab to add or edit a question.

More information: Creating questions in aNewSpring

Once a question is already selected in an activity, you can only add an exam to the question if there is none yet, you cannot change it or remove it.

It's best to first define the terms and link them to the questions before you select the questions for use in an activity.

If you use exam terms, it's not possible to link learning objectives to the questions and then use the questions for an adaptive learning journey.

Under the Settings tab, you can add an exam term to the question, by typing it into the text field. If you already created the term, you can select it using the drop-down.


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