The pages with content that learners see in an activity can consist of content parts with explanations, or questions.

Go to the Templates tab and click Edit at a template.

Navigate to the Content Management tab.

Here you will find all the content of the template, which you can use to create a learning journey.

Would you like to create content directly in the activity? Then click Edit at an activity under the Template tab.

1) Think about how you would like to structure the content

It's tempting to start creating content right away, but we advise you to first think up a good layout for all your content. By structuring your content early on, you will easily to retrieve the content you've created once you've created a lot more.

To do this, create folders to put your content in and assign an ID to all your questions and content parts.
Take into account that:

  • Folders will be sorted alphabetically.
  • Questions and content parts will be sorted alphabetically by ID.

2) Add folders

Click + Folder and give it a name.

3) Add questions

Click + Question and fill in the title of the question. Press Enter to go to the ID field.

Choose which kind of question you would like to create.
More information: Which questions can I use in aNewSpring?

Click Location to place the question in a specific folder. Next, add the question and you could edit it right away.

The indicated Location will be remembered for the next question or content part that you add.

4) Add content parts

Click + Content part and fill in the title of the content part. Press Enter to go to the ID field.

Choose a predefined layout. You will not be stuck with this layout, as you can change it any way you make a choice.

You will find more information on adding content to a content part in the article How does the plus-editor work?.

Copying, renaming, removing and moving

You can perform these actions per questions or content part with the More button.