• You want to create a new learning journey for your learners
  • There is an existing template on which you want to base the new one

Go to the Templates tab.

1) Add a template

We also call a template a 'learning journey' because this is what you make for your learners. 

To start, click + Template.

Copy an existing template if you want to base the new learning journey on this. Click on More, and then on  the Copy button.

2) Give the template a name

This must be unique and will not be visible to the learners.

3) Choose the template's purpose

Based on the template's purpose, the right functionalities will be prepared. Need help picking the right purpose? Hover with your cursor over the question mark to see more information about the various template purposes.

If you have selected the "To create learning journey" purpose, you can turn it into a demo as long as you have not selected more than 15 questions and content parts in the template. You can see how many questions and content parts are selected in a template by selecting the tab Content Management in the template.

If you only want to use the MemoTrainer, you can remove all blocks and activities from the template.

4) Configure template functionalities