With an evaluation matrix question, the learner has to answer questions by his or her opinion. These answers are not seen as wrong or right.


You add the evaluation matrix question to a template. How to do this and how to create a folder structure can been read in this article: 'How do I create content for my learning journey?'.


For characteristics and more information about adding questions read 'Creating questions in aNewSpring'. For more information about the matrix question continue reading below.

Question type: Evaluation


Put the general question text in the question input field. You can add complementary media to the question.



Fill in the standard answers that the learners can choose from. All sub-questions added to this matrix question, will have the same answer possibilities.
You can add extra answer possibilities by clicking on + Answer.

Sub questions

In the sub-questions you add the questions the learner has to give answer to. You can add extra sub-questions by clicking on + Subquestion.



This is the result when you test the question: