You can create different types of questions in aNewSpring, but the general settings of the questions are the same.

Click Update on the right side of the question to take a look at the settings and edit them.

Tab 'Settings'

Exam term
Here you can add an exam term to the question. Read more about Exam terms.

Maximum Score
A question can have a score of 1 or higher and the score can only be a whole number. When a learner answers a question correctly, he or she gets the score that is give to the question. Using this option, you can make certain questions weigh more than other questions.

Minimum Score
This option is only available for matrix questions in a knowledge content library. With this option you can determine if a question is answered correctly or not.

Threshold and Minimum correct answers
By enabling the threshold you can make sure that learners receive a part of the points if the question was only partly answered correctly. The points will always be divided, regardless of a minimum number of correct answers in the settings. The benefit of setting a minimum is that the learners will get feedback in orange after selecting the minimum of correct answers.

You can see this in the examples below.

Example 1:
The learner selected 2 out of 4 correct answers. The learner will receive 2 points, because 50% of the Maximum score is 4.

Example 2:

Also in this example, the learner will get 50% of the maximum score; 3 correct - 1 incorrect = 2 points.
This option is only available for multiple response, fill in the blanks - text, fill in the blanks - drag & drop and matching questions.

Discussions are allowed
You can decide per question if learners can discuss the question after they answered it. You can decide later if discussions in activities are allowed.

Canvas width
The canvas is the screen in which the content is shown in an activity. Set the width relatively or absolutely and click Update and test to check how the learner will see this.

Tab 'Question'

Entering the question text

When creating questions, you can use the following editors to add the question text:

  • Text editor
    For when your question only has text.
  • Plus editor
    With the plus editor you can freely add images, videos or different kinds of content along with the text.
  • HTML mode
    Manually edit the HTML of the question text.

We advice not to copy text from browsers, Word or other Microsoft tools to aNewSpring. It's better to first paste to the HTML mode and to then switch back to the text mode. If you paste directly into the text mode, use the Remove Format option to remove all formatting. Copying content can transfer unwanted HTML code that can disrupt the formatting of your content in aNewSpring.

Use the formatting styles. The formatting styles are linked to the look & feel settings which will ensure a consistent design.

In the top part of the question edit page, you enter the actual question.

Some questions will show a little explanatory text, like "Multiple answers are possible". You can also change the style of this text in the look & feel settings. You can't completely remove the text, but you could make it invisible by setting Description font color to the same colour as the background.

A question can be supported by an image, sound file or content part.

If you select a question her, it will always be placed under the question text. If you would like to place it next to the text, you can do so using the plus editor.

Sound file
Add an mp3 sound fragment.

Question info
Combine a question with more information by adding a previously created content part. With the help of a drop-down menu, you can choose the content part you would like to use. This content part is shown when a learner clicks on More information.
Check the option Hide content part title if you want to show the content part's title instead of "More information".

Adding answers

In the lower part of this edit page you can add answers to the question (see screenshot above)

Select the circle next to the correct answer. Depending on the question type, you can select multiple answers as correct.
Click on the text field next to the circle to add text to the answer. Select the text field for feedback to add feedback to each individual answer.

With the answers come a few extra options:

Answer layout
Change the answer layout to horizontal of vertical. If the answers consist of images, it might be a good idea to choose a horizontal layout.
The images will then be aligned next to each other, instead of below each other.

Generate feedback
By clicking Generate feedback, you automatically add feedback to all answers.

A,B,C indication
When A, B, C, indication for answers is selected, letters will be shown in front of the answers. Remove them by unchecking the box.

Feedback info
Place a content part that will be shown when a learner clicks on More information. This option is available only after a learner has answered the question.