Create questions to use in your learning journey.

Under the Templates tab, click Edit at a template and then go to the Content tab. Here you will find all the content of the template which you can use to create a learning journey.

Would you like to create content directly in the activity? Click the Template tab and click Edit at an activity.

1) Add a question

And enter the name of the question.

2) Choose a knowledge or evaluation question and the question type

When you create a question in an activity, the type of activity will determine whether you will create knowledge or evaluation questions.

3) Set the location

Click Location to place the question in a folder of your choice. You will find tips for structuring the content in the article How do I create content for my learning journey?

Click Add and edit.

4) Placing content in a question

When creating questions, you can use the following editors to add the question's content:

  • Text editor
    For when your question only has text.
  • Plus editor
    With the plus editor you can freely add images, videos or different kinds of content along with the text.
  • HTML mode
    Manually edit the HTML of the question text.

5) The question settings

6) Create the next question

Create a new question with the button Update and new.

Supported files

  • Images (.png, .jpg, .gif)
  • Audio (.mp3)
  • Downloadable files (For example .doc, .pdf, .exe, .xlsx)