• You would like to plan a webinar with an external webinar tool that learners can start from their learning journey.
  • You want to give learners an assessment afterwards.
If you first want learners to enrol and optionally have them choose between multiple dates and times, you could also create events and add them to the learning journey using the event activity.

1) Schedule a meeting via an external tool

This can be done via,, webex, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, Adobe Connect, ClickWebinar or Socrative.

These tools have been developed for organizing online meetings. Create an account with one of these tools and plan a meeting. Then you can put the link to this meeting in the Webinar activity in aNewSpring.

Webinar tools where each learner gets a separate link can not be used in this activity.

Click Edit under the Templates tab.

First go to the Template settings tab of the template and activate the feature Learning journey with instructors. Without this feature, you cannot add the webinar activity.

Click + Activity under the tab Template and choose Webinar .

2) Activity settings

After publishing, not everything is adjustable anymore. These settings are marked with a * below.

In the description you can give an explanation of the activity. Normally the webinar would open directly after clicking Start in the learning journey. If you added a description, it will first open a page with the description and learners can access the webinar with the Open content button.

Place the link that refers to the meeting in the webinar tool here. You do not necessarily have to fill in a link, the supervisors can do this themselves in their own courses.

The link can no longer be modified in the template after publishing, but it can be edited via the tab instruct. See the article Organizing a Webinar.

Include this activity in the advice
By default, the webinar is not shown as a suggestion at the end of activities because it often takes place at its own pace. By checking this option, this activity can be used in the advice.

Assessment possible*
The easiest way to set the success limit is to choose Percentage. Would you prefer to round on decimals, whole or half digits? Then first read the article How do I correctly set the threshold of an assessment, relative to the grade?.

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