On the right side of the course overview learners see several widgets which contain information. You can set up the widgets for them in the template. You can add a custom widget which contains e.g. an introductory video.


Click the tab Templates in the main menu and click Edit next to the course template you want to use.

Under the Template tab you find the widgets on the right side.


Widgets that learners should not see can be removed by clicking the X'es. Re-add widgets by using the split button. To add a custom widget click on +Widget.


Custom widget

You can use custom widget to show a content part in the template overview. This could be an introductory video, a list of documents, text or any other possibilty that the content parts can offer. Add a custom widget by clicking on +Widget. Next, choose the content part you want to use in the widget.

Details on some widgets

Extra info: In the text box you can use HTML elements.

About this course: This widget is visible to instructors that shadow the course. They will see a link to the instructor dashboard in this widget.
If settings indicate that learner can unsubscribe themselves in the course settings, a link for this will appear in this widget.

Widgets that you did not remove but are not in use (like Extra info, About this course and Calendar) will not be visible to learners.