• You have created a long learning journey and you would like to offer learners the possibility to directly start an activity without having to scroll down.
  • You want to help learners decide with which activity to start.
  • You want to make it easy for learners to continue with the next activity in queue, or to return to the overview.
  • You want to stimulate learners to finish activities in the order that they are placed in the learning journey.

Click the Templates tab and Edit. Go to the Template settings tab. There you will find Activity advice.

1) How the advice works

Which advice learners get, depends on the settings.

Next activity
The advice will be the next activity after the current activity in the learning journey.

Let's say that the learner starts the first activity, but skips to the last content part right away. The advice will be to continue this first activity, because it hasn't been completed.

First available
Let's say that the learner starts their 3rd activity in the learning journey. After finishing it, the advice will be to first finish the first activity.

Check this option when you have created an adaptive learning journey. The advice will depend on the learning objective that needs most work to be completed.

Only activities in adaptive blocks will be advised.

2) After finishing an activity

After learners finish an activity, a popup with advice will appear.

Popup with an update of the learner's progress
This setting concerns the Progress in the example below.

Show advice for the next activity inside the popup
This concerns the Advice in the example below. The learner can now click Start at the advice to start the advised activity.

If you disable this option, the learner will only have the option to go back to the overview.

Always go back to the learning journey overview after completing an activity
This setting sends learners back to the overview at the end of the activity instead of continuing with the next activity. This can be useful for example if you want to create a knowledge base instead of a learning journey.

Automatically go to the next activity
If you select this option, learners will go to the next activity right away after completing an activity. Which activity this is, depends on how the advice works.

Learning journey

Use the following setting

and learners will see an advice on top of their learning journey that contains an activity to start right away.

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