In this article you will find a few checklists that you can use as a trainer to not overlook import settings or steps in creating a learning journey.

These checklists are designed specifically for non-adaptive learning journeys that are developed in the Trainer version of aNewSpring. If you do want to develop an adaptive learning journey, we recommend this article.

In the checklists below we don't pay attention to settings that are important for adaptive courses.

You will not find all settings and features in these checklists, but you will find options that are important to offer a good course and that will prevent you from publishing something with wrong settings that you can't change anymore afterwards.

At some checklist items you will find a didactic hint. You can recognise these by the light bulb icon.

If you come across any options that are not clear to you, we advise you to consult our knowledge base, in which we describe everything in more detail.

Step 1. Creating a new template


Checklist Template settings (PDF)

Step 2. Building a structure in the template

After creating the template, you will fill it with blocks and activities and you can add conditions. The following checklists and articles can help you with that.

Creating activities

Is it difficult to find the right activity type? This flowchart can help you with this:

Download Flowchart Which type of activity should I choose?


Checklist Create a Lesson or Documentation (PDF)
Checklist Create an Assignment (PDF)
Checklist Create an Assessment (PDF)
Checklist Create a Hand-in Assignment or Video Hand-in Assignment (PDF)
Checklist Create a Scan or 360° Feedback (PDF)
Checklist Create an Inquiry (PDF)
Checklist Create a Form or Reflection (PDF)

For some activity types there are no checklists, but you can find information about those in these articles:

Article Adding SCORM to a template

Article Adding events

Article Set up a webinar activity

External activity
Article Play content from another system in aNewSpring using LTI (Consumer)

Article Create and add a certificate


After creating blocks and activities, you still have the option to set up conditions.


Checklist Conditions (PDF)

Step 3. Publishing

You might first want to take a look at the look & feel and which widgets you would like to show. Were you able to check all the boxes in the checklists Template settings, Conditions and Creating an activity and did you test the template well? Then you're ready to publish it and give learners access. The articles in the following steps can help you with that:

  1. Publish template
  2. Creating a course
  3. Course settings
  4. Subscribe learners or publish the learning journey as a catalogue product