You can subscribe learners in a course, but it all starts with publishing your template. Check out the following three steps to learn how to do this.

1. Publish your template

Before you can start subscribing your learners, your template needs to be published first. 

  • Publish template

Important note: When the template is published, some settings and features cannot be changed later without depublishing the template again.

2. Create a course

To subscribe learners, you will need to create a course first.

  • Creating a course

3. Subscribe learners

After creating a course, you can subscribe learners in the course. Go to the tab Templates and click on settings next to the course. At the tab learners you can either create a learner or subscribe an existing learner.

If the learner is already existing you can user the button select learner, else click on +learner to create a new learner.

If you subscribe a learner it allows you to send subscription notifications to the learners


When you subscribe learners, you will need licences. When you have insufficient amount of licences to complete the subscription(s) you will see a pop-up from where you can buy (more) licenses.

 It is also possible to contact us if you want to buy licences. For example, when you want to pay via an invoice.